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In car Diagnostics with the AutoLogic
JKM Motor Services Ltd are very proud of the reputation that we have earnt - specifically when it comes to our diagnostics skills on vehicle systems and our ability to find the root-cause of any faults or issues present.

The Team at JKM are true car enthusiasts and have built up a vast amount of knowledge through hands on experience alongside constant education in the latest automotive developments – this is something that is reflected in the number of local garages that JKM assist with diagnostics every week.
Diagnostic Tools in use at JKM

Dashboard Warning Lamps
Dashboard Warning Lamps
With JKM making substantial investment in the most recent diagnostic equipment and with access to dealership level automotive data (for our specialist marquees) - JKM are confident that we can identify and solve any issues you may be experiencing, quickly and cost efficiently.

To outline any problems that you may have and to book your vehicle in, please call JKM's service line today: (023) 9263 9933

Auto Logic is a Dealership-level electronic diagnostic tool - this enables JKM to correctly pin point and diagnose vehicle faults first time. From simple faults - through to more complex electrical issues, JKM are confident we will be able to find and rectify your vehicle problem.

Besides JKMs extensive knowledge and experience in house - we have additional Technical back up on hand, comprising of marquee specific hardware and software support engineers based at Autologic UK.
You can be confident that JKM can undertake any service and repair work without having to involve main dealerships.

The Auto Logic tool provides JKM with complete coverage of all VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda vehicle systems including the ability to recode and carry out software updates as needed e.g Engine management enhancements issued by the manufacture.

These functions together with other features such as retrofits, conversions and fitment of aftermarket products enable the Auto Logic to surpass the functionality of other diagnostic tools as well as some dealership tool features too!

Autologic is a genuine alternative to some of the main dealer tools in use, it frequently provides quicker diagnostics, coding and programming than other VW & Audi Group aftermarket tools. The end result for our customers is that this allows JKM to fix your vehicle more efficiently and correctly the first time..............Shown below are some example screen shots from AutoLogic. click on an image to see a larger screenshot.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
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VAG-COM (re-branded as VCDS in 2011) is a sophisticated VW/Audi group (V.A.G) diagnostic tool.

VCDS performs the functions of the dealership level tool called the VAG-1551 / VAG-1552 scanner -plus lots more. A few of the functions that VCDS enables JKM to perform are oulined below:

Read and clear fault codes from all vehicle systems fitted, e.g. Engine, Airbag, ABS, Instruments, Automatic Gearboxes, Parking sensors etc.
View live data from the sensors within the car – in real time.
Reset service lights (both fixed and variable service intervals)
Read stored and intermittent fault codes
Graph and log live data with the car running
Automatically read fault codes from all car systems in a single search
Diagnostic codes can be printed out and logged for future reference.
Access to over 16,000 fault code definitions and a comprehensive support network to route cause faults.

Shown below are some example screen shots from VCDS, click on an image to see a larger screenshot.

Readiness Test
Supported Codes
VAG Scope

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