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REVO software programs are user switchable and on some models even configurable via the same in car OBD2 port that we program the performance software from. The method of Serial Port Switching is by using a REVO patent pending Serial Port Switching (SPS) device.

REVO have made Serial Port Switching very simple for everyone....

First simply locate the OBD2 Diagnostic port
Select the desired program on the SPS device
Plug the SPS device into the OBD2 Diagnostic socket and wait for the SPS to beep, switch off the ignition
Remove the SPS device and restart the car
Please note that Revo Software needs to have been installed for the SPS to function!

The REVO SPS features variable ignition timing, Air fuel ratio, Turbo boost pressure or Throttle sensitivity adjustment on certain vehicles - Please check the compatible functionality of your vehicle. This will allow the user to set the car up to run efficiently with any fuel quality and in varying environmental conditions.
With SPS software Boost, throttle, timing and fuel adjustments can be uploaded directly to the ECU using the software communication mode. The SPS has a stock mode and 3 "user based" modes. These modes allow the user to custom configure their performance settings and upload them to the SPS. Changes to ECU settings can then be made using just the SPS. These saved settings can be changed and re-saved using the software as your mechanical upgrades or environmental conditions permit. Combined with the ability to revert to stock programming, and our unique anti-theft mode, the SPS is unmatched in its ability to provide the highest levels of control and flexibility.

Note: Revo Technik and JKM Performance both recommend using Ross Tech VAG-COM in conjunction with an SPS to allow the user to monitor certain engine sensors to efficiently set the adjustable boost, fuelling and timing settings.

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The Revo Serial Port Switch
Revo SPS Device: £99.00+Vat
Please note that the SPS is not a Remap.
The SPS can only be used once REVO Software has been installed onto your engine control unit.

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