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Frequenty asked questions on REVO
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Below are some Frequently asked questions on Revo software and Hardware Products.
If you have a question that is not listed below, please feel free to contact us .

Why did the car Manufactures not make the car like this from new ?

Can this damage my car ?
Can I install this software myself ?
How long will it take to install?
Can the dealer see that my car is modified ?
What happens if my dealer tries to reflash the ECU ?
What are the Maximum BHP levels with the Revo code ?
What parameters do Revo change in the performance remap ?
Can I upgrade to Serial Port switching later ?
Can I use someone else’s Serial Port Switch to change my program ?
What is the Anti Theft ?
How do I operate the anti theft ?
Are there updates to programs ?
Is REVO TUV Approved ?
Why would I want to adjust boost and timing ?
How do I adjust boost and timing ?
What is an ECU ?
What is a diagnostic port ?
What is OBD2 ?
What can I do to get the most out of my car as it is now ?
What if my car is already "chipped ?"
What is REVO architecture ?

Why did the car Manufactures not make the car like this from new ?
Modern Electronic injection systems, and electronic ignition systems enable Engineers to gain very respectable power outputs from 'small' engines that Engineers would have only dreamed of some years ago!
Today, all the engine settings and characteristics are controlled and regulated by the ECU (Engine Control Unit). The software within the ECU controls the ignition timing, fuel supply, turbo-boost, etc to get the best possible performance for the conditions.
However manufacturers have to compromise many facts. These reasons may include:

• Huge variations in the fuel quality in different countries
• Potential Exhaust emissions caused by using bad fuel
• Extensions on service-intervals
• Different driver-profiles
• Weather-factors (extreme heat and frostiness)
• financial reasons like insurance-grades

So the manufacturer needs to be content with a compromised solution to all of these factors. There are also big fabrication and manufacturing tolerances that the car producers can avoid worrying about by simply making the ECU software very ‘lenient’.
The overall result is pretty weak and conservative software for your car's ECU.
Revo optimize and individualize the software of your car in a way, which leaves reservation for tolerances, but not with the intensity of the manufacturer.
The software is individually developed by Revo in our country taking into consideration all factors (Fuel quality, emissions rules etc... ) to keep the car & engine within all these tolerances but extracting more power.

Can this damage my car?
The Engine Control Unit (ECU) has built in safety mechanisms that prevent damage to the engine if values are set too high.
If the ECU detects a fault condition, the performance of the car will be less than optimised until adjustments are lowered in program, faulty sensors corrected or a pre-set program is selected. More is not always better in tuning!
All Revo Software is designed and comprehensively tested before it is released into the market, Software integration takes place by Revo Engineers in the country of sale of the code.

Can I install this software myself?
The initial Revo performance software must be loaded by a Revo authorized dealer.
The SPS device then allows the end user to switch between programs.

How long will it take to install?
Typically the entire process will take less than 45 minutes.

Can the dealer see that my car is modified?
Not at all. Since there is no removal of any hardware there is no physical indication that the car has been modified. Engine electronics behave exactly as original and cannot be re-flashed by the dealer. The dealer computers cannot detect the software even with the latest versions of equipment. Since there are no permanent changes to the ECU then the factory original code can simply be reloaded. The dealer cannot see something that truly isn’t there!

Revo Technik and Jkm Motor Services Ltd do not condone the use of this technology for purposes of deceiving dealerships or insurance companies. Insurance and dealers need to be informed of any modification that may be in violation of warranty or coverage outside a policy. Our technology is designed to function in this stealth fashion to deter illegal copying, reverse engineering, and patent infringement.

What happens if my dealer tries to reflash the ECU?
In the instance that the dealer does try to reflash your ECU (Say during a service for what ever reason), the factory original code will be reloaded, but the Revo encryption code that activates your SPS device will remain intact. At this point, you just simply use your SPS device to reload your Revo performance software back onto your ECU.

What are the Maximum BHP levels with the Revo code?
All Revo code is designed to work well within the load limits of the engine. Some tuners who cannot make efficient power use scare tactics suggesting their max number is the highest number that can be achieved safely. Don’t be fooled, lesser companies with lesser technology simply need excuses for their lack of ability. We do suggest certain procedures to increase the longevity of the vehicle; any vehicle not just modified ones. See what can I do to get the most out of my car? As with any vehicle proper maintenance is paramount.

What parameters do Revo change in the performance remap?
Typically Revo will change about 35 different tables in a standard remap. Of which load, boost, timing, and fuel are all adjusted as well as the variable cam timing. Some tuners change only one table while most others no more than 6.
By increasing one table it may be indirectly increasing another table and causing it to "max out" or be at the limit of the table. This effectively leaves this table ineffective in providing necessary data for the control systems. We have the ability to rescale any table to add to its range. We have many proprietary methods and programs that we use to make the most powerful and smoothest software available.

Can I upgrade to Serial Port switching later?
Yes. All of the code is programmed with all of the options enabled and all that is needed is the SPS device to switch programs. An sps device may be purchased at any time.

Can I use someone else’s Serial Port Switch to change my program?
Yes. The SPS will work on any similar group ECU. For example, a SPS purchased for an S3 will change the programs on the S3, RS4, SEAT Ibiza, and other VAG cars

What is the Anti Theft?
Anti Theft is a function found on SPS2 and SPS3 that will lock out all inputs to the ECU. It will leave the car totally inoperable even if the thief has the key. Unlike other security devices this has no wires and cannot be defeated without the correct SPS unit for your specific car. Even replacing the ECU will not override the Anti Theft.
Unlike the program switching, the Anti Theft function will not operate between different cars.

How do I operate the anti theft?
Anti Theft is activated by inserting the SPS unit into the OBD2 diagnostic port and selecting the Anti Theft mode. The ECU is then inoperable and the car will not start. To unlock the Anti Theft repeat the steps to reactivate. The ECU will power up with no faults or loss of memory.

Are there updates to programs?
Sometimes. Occasionally we will revisit a code if newer versions of the factory base code are released. There are updated versions of new code throughout each model year and if the upgrades are relevant to our customers we will introduce those changes into our code.
Most of the time the changes are for extreme climates or altitudes and are not needed or they are detrimental to performance.

Is REVO TUV approved?
Since we are not disassembling, changing components, or modifying any hardware on the vehicle there is no need for TUV approval.

Why would I want to adjust boost and timing?
Some people want the power and reliability of 1 BAR of boost but on a track day want to run 1.4 BAR, this option makes that possible. Some people like to use octane booster for more performance, the adjustable timing allows the user the ability to dial in even more ignition for maximum power. However after the track day the same person can then fill the tank with standard grade fuel and have no worries of detonation and can back the boost back to 1 BAR and still get great fuel economy for the drive back home.

How do I adjust boost and timing?
The SPS 3 has built in controllers for boost and timing. They are adjusted by turning the dials to the desired levels and reinserting the SPS 3 back into the OBD2 diagnostic port and initializing the program.

What is an ECU?
Electronic Control Unit, also ECM (Electronic Control Module) – The brain of the engine. It houses the processor and memory of the engine functions as well as various other functions.

What is a diagnostic port?
The diagnostic port is the port that the dealer uses to communicate with the vehicle. It communicates with virtually all of the computers in the vehicle and will download faults that will aid the technician in locating problems.

What is OBD2?
On Board Diagnostics 2 – The latest generation of diagnostic port. All auto manufacturers use this standardised system to communicate with the vehicle. The plug interface is the same for each vehicle as well as the communication protocols. It allows one standardised system to work with all cars. Previous generation OBD1 was not standardised and proved to be insufficient and hence is no longer designed into new cars.

What can I do to get the most out of my car as it is now?
A car is only as reliable as the person driving it. Take care of the car by properly maintaining it. One of the most important parts of taking care of a car is at engine start up. Keep engine revs and load to a minimum until the engine warms up if possible. This allows the oil time to heat up and reach areas to parts of extreme tolerances such as the turbocharger. Also let the engine cool a bit before shutting down, this will allow components time to cool a little, and keep well needed oil to them for an extended amount of time. This will also avoid hot spotting the main turbocharger shaft. Typically when the car is run hard and suddenly shut down, the oil supply is killed when the turbocharger is still spinning at speeds of around 60,000RPM !

What if my car is already "chipped?"
Different suppliers use different methods of "chipping". If was a standard serial loaded remap there will not be a problem, the software will simply overwrite the other code. If the software is on an encryption module the module will need to be replaced and a factory Flash programable device re fitted. This is usually not a big problem and JKM can refit the factory device in house with our high quality soldering equipment.

What is REVO architecture?
Resident Encrypted Variable Output Architecture is a patent pending new method of tuning today’s modern ECU’s. It is the basis of all of tuning at Revo Technik and provides the ability to have near infinite adjustability of specific tables. This allows more power to be extracted from the engine through a more efficient burn that is controlled by the user and the computer. This technology works in conjunction with the factory settings and can be turned on or off by the user via the SPS.
Are Revo linked with the Volkswagen Audi Group?
Revo are not affliatioed with the Volkswagen Audi Group or any of its subsidiaries.

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