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DSG Transmission Software
The Revo Technik team has been busy working with their own 2.0L TFSi test cars over 18 months of development, refining the Stage1 and Stage2 DSG performance software codes. This software complements either Revo performance engine software or any other vendors performance software (or even the OEM standard engine management software), optimising the launch control, shift and torque limiter functions!

With amazing results; running the DSG transmission performance software allows you to use the full potential of the engine, giving the control back to the driver. Hold onto the gear through that sweeping corner without the worry of the transmission shifting up and throwing out the balance of the car, have no worries about using full throttle and having the car jump about whilst shifting down for you....… get back in full control with Revo DSG software!

Revo DSG stage 1 software can be run on a standard car and it complements the Revo Stage 1 ECU software.
The Revo DSG stage 2 software is aimed at cars with more significant hardware modifications; exhausts and turbos and delivers an awesome experience when combined with our Stage3 ECU performance software, with a choice of 3200, 4000 or 4500rpm launch control and enhanced shift maps to suit vehicle set ups.

Torque Limit: The torque limit built into the factory DSG software has been increased to 500Nm through the Revo software - this limit is not a hardware limitation - it is a built in software limit from the factory that has been increased. As with all Revo software, the DSG software operates within the safety tolerances set by the factory.

Kickdown in Manual Mode: Kickdown has been disabled in manual mode giving more control over the car.

Automatic upshift in Manual Mode: Auto upshift has been disabled in manual mode allowing the driver to upshift as and when they please. Giving more control to the driver - allowing the full potential of power to be seen.

Gear Shift Indicator:
Where applicable the in gear display is turned on.

Flash Counter Reset: The reflash counter is reset to the last count when flashed.
(2.0 TFSI and 3.2 Applications only)

Revo DSG Software Stage 1
- New customer


Revo DSG Software Stage 1 - Existing Revo customer
(2.0 TFSI and 3.2 Applications only)

Revo DSG Software Stage 2
- New customer


Revo DSG Software Stage 2 - Existing Revo customer


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